Route of the tour


A labyrinth of passageways, cellars and wells spreads out below the whole historic core of the town of Pilsen, covering a total length of almost 13 km. The tour route is nearly 800m long and takes place at a depth of 9m to 10m below the surface.

It is necessary for visitors to wear the safety helmets we lend them for the whole length of the tour.


Starting point of the tour

Since 1st April 2009, the starting point of the tour of the Pilsen Historical Underground has been the Brewery Museum at No. 6 Veleslavínova Street. Here at reception you can buy tickets and together with the guide set off on the tour.

Ice Cellar

The tour starts in the so-called ice cellar, which served to store ice. The ice cellar was part of the ingenious system of cellars of the houses that enjoyed brewing rights– it was situated on the top level of the cellars, from where water from the melting ice flowed down to the lower levels of the fermenting and lager cellars and cooled them.

Labyrinth of passageways

The underground areas were created together with the construction of the first town houses with brewing rights immediately after the founding of the town, that is, from the end of the 13th Century. The last part of the underground system was excavated in the 18th Century. The cellars were originally built to store food. No less important was their use for the brewing of beer. It was in the cellars of the houses with brewing rights that beer was fermented, matured and stored.

Wells and pits

Another important use of the underground was as access to water via wells and pits. Originally there were 360 of them. During the tour you will see 20 wells and pits.

The underground as part of the town’s fortification system

Over the course of time the cellars were expanded and deepened and in places up to 3 floors of mutually connected cellars were created. The underground system thus became part of the town’s defence system in times of war, combat and unrest. The underground passageways served not only as secure storage areas for food and a refuge for the citizens of Pilsen, but were also utilised as communication lines.

Life in Pilsen in the Middle Ages

Thanks to archaeological finds in the underground passageways, wells and pits, on the tour you will learn about the everyday life of the citizens of Pilsen in the Middle Ages. You will find out what they ate, what tools they used to prepare and serve food, and what crafts they made a livelihood from.

Water tower

The Pilsen historical water tower from the first half of the 16th Century is an important technical monument and the best preserved building of its type in Bohemia. Here you can see the remnants of a pumping machine from the year 1847. You will also see chambers for water columns, feeder tunnels for driving the machine, and the replica of a waterwheel. The water tower was also part of the fortification system as it was linked to the system of ramparts.

End of tour and beer tasting

The tour concludes in the Brewery Museum building. If you are aged 18 or over, you will receive a beer voucher at the end of the tour which is exchangeable for 0.30l of Pilsner Urquell beer in the Na SpilceU Salzmannů or Na Parkánu restaurants.

Only visitors aged 18 or over are entitled to beer vouchers as in accordance with the law on protection against alcoholism and other addictive substances No. 37/1989 Coll., visitors younger than 18 will not be served.

Gift shop

Before departing, you mustn’t miss the gift shop in the courtyard of the Brewery Museum, where you can buy gifts for yourself and your loved ones.


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